Ankle Wrap Wedge Heel Sandals

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Make a chic statement this summer with these Ankle Wrap Wedge Heel Sandals. Handmade for quality assurance, these sandals feature a microfiber upper and lining that ensure durability and comfort. The pointed toe shape adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit, while the ankle strap and lace-up closure provide a secure and adjustable fit. With a rubber outsole and pig split insole, these pumps are designed for comfort and long-lasting wear. The shallow fashion element keeps the look trendy yet elegant.

Key Features:

  • Handmade Quality: These sandals are handcrafted, ensuring high-quality construction and attention to detail.
  • Sophisticated Design: The pointed toe shape and ankle wrap design lend a chic vibe to these sandals.
  • Secure and Adjustable Fit: The lace-up closure allows for a secure and adjustable fit.
  • Durable and Comfortable: The rubber outsole and pig split insole offer comfort and durability for long-term wear.
  • True-to-Size: These sandals fit true to size, guaranteeing an excellent fit.