Feathered & Beaded Tulle Gown

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Embellished with sophisticated embroidery, this gown merges elegance with whimsy through its feathered shoulders. Its satin fabric renders a timeless appeal, ideal for any formal gathering. The custom-fit dress, involving a two-week customization period, adds a personal touch to the experience.

Designed for elegance, the gown boasts a natural waistline and an A-line silhouette that exudes femininity. With a built-in bra for enhanced comfort, it is perfect for formal evening events. Constructed with high-quality polyester, the dress features a court train, further enhancing its elegance.

Key Highlights:

  • Sophisticated embroidery and feathered shoulders
  • Bespoke fitting with a two-week customization period
  • Natural waistline and an A-line silhouette for a flattering fit
  • Built-in bra for added comfort
  • High-quality polyester construction with a court train.