About Us

Grrly Grrls is your one-stop online shop for finance-friendly fashions. Founded with the customer in mind, we take pride in our mission to give everyone a chance to enjoy the beauty of fashion. We at Grrly Grrls keep up with the latest trends to deliver today’s most stylish, daring and exciting fashion apparel.

Because not everyone can afford to shop name brands, we like to think of Grrly Grrls as the alternative to high end designer wear.  Our handmade gowns are made and shipped from East Asia which is one way we keep our prices so low. The quality doesn't suffer one bit and we can deliver a gorgeous gown within a month of placing an order.

Because we carry no inventory and only ship out products once they are ordered, our carbon footprint doesn't harm the planet. Although this does increase our shipping time to 14 days in most cases, we feel it is a small price to pay if it takes waste out of our landfills.

We are headed by owner and operator, Anthony Starr. With a degree in fashion merchandising and several years at Nordstrom, he is someone who knows their way around the fashion community and is now working to spread fashion far and wide.

Each time you visit us, you’ll find something new and a sale or two! Shop here to get the on-trend styles you deserve at the lowest prices. Make every season yours with our help and find something fashionable just for you.

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