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End of Summer Fashion by Luci Black

End of Summer Fashion by Luci Black

Posted by Tony Engelhart on 6th Sep 2022

Summer is in its final days and the hot weather for some will end soon. And as sad as that may be, it means it’s time to pop out in some amazing outfits while you still can. I mean it’s still technically a hot girl summer. So it’s basically the law that you have to end summer with some of your best looks. I mean truly your best looks. And don’t worry, you know I already have some banging suggestions to complete all your summer outfit fantasies. Keep reading and dont forget your wallet, these looks are so hot your gonna want them ASAP.

Summer ending means fall is beginning and that means it’s the best time of year to wear one of my favorite fashion accessories. Knee-high and thigh highs. And boots are the perfect partner for a mini skirt to close out summer. My favorite skirt at the moment is our Drawstring Leopard Print Mini Skirt. It’s versatile and is the perfect amount of pop. The Over The Knee Boots are obviously so iconic you have to grab a pair for yourself. They are so cute and come in six fantastic colors. Perfect for ending summer and even more amazing for fall. Pair them with literally anything and everything.

Pastels, pinks, and florals are an end-of-summer need. Not that I don’t wear them year long, they just don’t hit the same out of summer. The most summer way to sport these looks are the iconic vibes only a mini dress can provide. Here are the top three summer mini moments that you need to try: The Mini V-neck Dress, Sexy Sequin Set, Knit Floral Mini Dress. These dresses are so beautiful and pretty much are summer in a nutshell. If it gets chilly out, layer on your favorite jean jacket for a breezy feel. And be sure to keep these pieces for next year because they won’t go out of style.

Last but certainly not least ladies and gentlemen wear all the cutest sandals like there’s no tomorrow. Because there’s gonna be a long winter where you can’t wear them. Wear them with skirts, jeans, dresses, heck even sweat pants. I know I will miss them dearly and you must too. They are the definition of summer and that’s why it’s so important that you wear them while you can. I would suggest one in black we have the cutestSquare Toed Sandal, one if a bold color our Mule Heels are perfect and one with some sort of unique style and the Pom-Pom Heels are beautiful for just that. These shoes are all so versatile and are the perfect way to add an effortless summer feel to all your favorite closet staples.