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Have A Sexy Valentine's Day by Luci Black

Have A Sexy Valentine's Day by Luci Black

Posted by Tony Engelhart on 11th Sep 2022

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this Valentine's make yourself the perfect present. Think about it like it's your wrapping paper. Really show your special someone how much you love them. Lingerie is a timeless and partner-approved present that is sure to make you the ultimate temptation. It's the perfect gift that truly keeps on giving. You feel great, and look great, your partner is sure to love lingerie this valentines day. There are three main categories when it comes to lingerie. There are sets, teddies and slips. They are created equal , but it can be overwhelming looking at them all. I have created a lingerie cheat sheet that will high-light my favorite looks from our site so that you can be Valentines day ready.

Starting off with sets, sets are the perfect under clothes look for a sexy surprise once the clothes come off. They're a great teaser and can be worn as tops or with something like a mini skirt. Plus who doesn't feel great knowing they have a killer set on. Lingerie is for everyone, not just who sees it. When it comes to lingerie this is the time to bring all the extraness. A Garter Set is the perfect way to have some fun. To truly make yourself feel giftable bows say it all. Grab this Bow Bra Set that is so sleek and fun. Last but not least in the spirit of giving, go bold. We have the cutest Choker Set that comes in four flirty colors. This one is special for all my curvy queens out there.

Teddies are a great way to get a two way wear out of your lingerie. They are sexy and ready for the day and night. These babies can be worn as bodysuits for the day, and well.. You know what to do with the night time version. Get ready to pounce in the cutest Cheetah Print Teddy you’re promised to look fierce. Lace isn’t just Victoria's Secret, make it yours too. A classic Lace Teddy is the perfect way to show your partner you care. If you're looking for a few more bells and whistles try out the Eyelash Lace Teddy.

Slip dresses were huge in 2021 for a sexy everyday feel and I love getting more than just one purpose out of my clothes. It's better for the environment and it's fun to see how you can change the looks or just one item. Slips are perfect for the teases in your life. They're flirty and are a timeless staple in lingerie. I love our Lace Mesh Slip, I mean think of how cute it would be for clubbing. A classic slip look is a Satin slip. They're great for sleeping, and more. If you haven’t found the perfect slip for you then combine the lace and satin to get the perfect Lace Satin Slip. Why choose one style when you can have both. It truly may be the perfect piece of lingerie. Happy Valentines day Grrls.