New Year's Eve 2022

Posted by Luci Black on 28th Nov 2022

New Year's Eve 2022

Are you looking for some effortless looks for New Year’s Eve? But you’re closest, has you feeling dull? You’re totally not alone in this feeling. The amazing thing about New Year’s Eve is all the typical rules of fashion get thrown out the window. New Year’s Eve is all about bold looks, bright colors and of course you can’t forget the sparkle aspect. Because after all what would New Years ever really be without some bling it’s a total necessity. New Year’s Eve is also the perfect exception to not only wear what you want but also get as dressed up, or down as you want. But why pop the confetti in something casual when you can dress to the nines. Another huge pull for New Year’s Eve is the amount of accessories you get to wear. Sparkly tops hats, belts, rings and even necklaces you truly can’t wear enough. But this year, it’s out with the old, in with the new. Let’s ring in the New Year with an extravagant new look. So pop some bubbly and let’s toast to a hot outfit.

If you’re on the hunt for some memorable looks to watch the ball drop then our party girl section is just the place for you. It’s full of New Year’s Eve must-haves that are promising to make you look and feel your best. Make your New Year's resolution all about looking good. For the absolute most drop dead gorgeous dress that will be sure to turn some heads be sure to try out our sequin halter dress. It’s got the sparkles, it’s got the sequins and it shows the perfect amount of skin. It’s the ideal look to watch the ball drop in. The New Year is all about setting the tone for the year to follow, why not put some main character energy into the world all while wearing the perfect little number. Nothing draws the eye in like tassels, Skin tight, bustier style and short. If I'm describing your perfect dress then it’s time to pop the bubbly and be sure to grab our tasseled bodycon mini dress. It will hug you in all of the right places. If sparkles aren't your thing, feathers are the perfect sub. They’re a whole moment on their own and bring all the extraness without the glitter. We have the hottest black mesh feather dress that would absolutely stop everyone in their tracks.

Just because you have an extra dress doesn't mean that’s where it stops. Remember, it’s New Years Eve, it's time to let the floodgates open. New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse for an exquisite outfit paired with the perfect pair of power shoes. And to me, nothing says power shoes like a pointed toe stiletto. Bonus points if it’s a boot and guess what, it is. Try out our pointed toe glitter stiletto. They're literally perfect for any dress and after New Years they’re the perfect shoe for the club. If you’re looking for something that’s just as much of a serve but cuts back on some of the flash. Go for a classic thigh high pointed toe black boot. If you played it safe for your dress then you definitely will need our most iconic gold booties. They are so sweet and would be so fun to dress up denim in the future. If pumps are more your speed and you don’t want to miss out on the extraness of the statement shoe, a sparkly pump is the perfect substation. They bring the ideal amount of drama in a slightly more laid back type of way.

Now that you have options for the perfect outfit, clearly some great accessories are a total must. No outfit is complete without the perfect necklace. A tennis necklace would be the perfect addition to any New Year’s Eve look. It’s sparkly chic and so timeless. You really can’t go wrong. If you’re feeling saucy in our accessories section you will find the sexiest rhinestone bikini set. If there was ever a perfect time to sport it, it would be New Year’s Eve. An earring could go dramatic or simple, and if you already have a busy outfit then sometimes it’s okay to go with something more classy like a simple stud. With these accessories you will be so sparkly that you just might out shine the fireworks.

I love a statement bag, it never takes away from the outfit. It only ever adds. They’re perfect for bringing a pop of color into your festive look or adding a new element. I think New Years is the perfect excuse to just go crazy and add in all the color to bring out the best statement bag you could possibly find. I love a girly touch to a fun outfit. And I think it’s a party outfit must have. If you’re on the prowl we have the cutest heart shaped rhinestone bag. It’s totally the perfect party topper and will add such a fun element to your outfit. If you want all the pop of a statement bag but maybe not all of the color. Then a classic sparkle clutch is the perfect solution. It’s all the drama without all of the bright colors the heart bag has. It’s still just as fem and sweet. If you’re really just wondering if there’s something classic that can just tie the look together without adding or subtracting too much, then you’re absolutely right. Grab a classic leather bag and you’ll be set. The sophistication of the bag will still give your outfit a sheek pop without distracting or taking away from the rest of your look.

Depending on where you are, you may find yourself celebrating in the dead of winter. And winter brings well, the cold. And why not add a coat that makes the outfit. Because let’s be real, being cold just isn't fun. With all the sparkles in the outfit, you can be more subtle with the coat. A classic velvet coat adds to the look without distracting from it. A fur jacket is another interchangeable option. It’s just as iconic as the velvet and the fur adds a fun element without going overboard. If you’re still on the hunt for something elegant and cute but still great for New Year’s Eve then a classic trench coat is perfect. To elevate the overall look try our cashmere trench. It’s soft to the touch, and the eyes. It’s a wonderful coat that you’ll be able to work into your regular wardrobe for years after the News Years celebration is complete.

Now, you have a cute outfit you're sure to look your best to start off the new year. But if you're like me you want something a little fun to wear under your look as well. I mean we are celebrating after all aren't we. Nothing says party like a festive little secret. It boosts your confidence and adds a little spice. We have a great selection of beautiful lingerie that is the perfect way to celebrate you in all your glory to start off the new year. We have an elegant mix of sets, bodysuits and just fun little pops to sprinkle in some sexy to your look. You honestly can’t go wrong, they're all so beautiful, and are sure to help you look and feel your best all night long. And who doesn’t want to start the new year off on a sexy foot.