Practical Style: The Bewitching Style of the Movie Practical Magic

Posted by Tony Engelhart on 13th Oct 2022

Practical Style: The Bewitching Style of the Movie Practical Magic

Practical Style: The Bewitching Style of the Movie Practical Magic

                    What can you say about a bewitching 90’s movie that seems to charm and endures? It wasn’t recently that they showed on television the movie Practical Magic. It starred great actresses, Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman. It is such a normal thing to just dress up in grunge but what the movie revealed was that there was jaw-dropping style.

                 Sandra Bullock always has great fashion sense and Nicole as well. However, seeing scene by scene you can see how the movie’s wardrobe works well for the era and for the future trends. The dresses were very lace ridden and very gypsy and bohemian like. It seems so trendy for today.

              Especially when Sandra wore in the gardening scene, wellies and denim cutoffs with a cropped top. With the song, This Kiss was playing in the background what she wore wasn’t too impressed but still lives on today as a continual trend. Even her hair matched the wardrobe and the scene altogether.

             Another scene would be the scene with Nicole Kidman wearing a tightly clad jeans and a cropped top to grace her body or her next appearance when she wore a tight bohemian dress while trying on lotions in the boutique run by her sister Sandra.

           What really took the cake was the ending scenes, when Sandra Bullock wore a beautiful black dress that seems to show off her witchiness and her hair and was even swept up and down that made more sense since there was something not particularly glamorous but very sweet. overall.

          Nicole’s eyewear at the end pays homage to the ’60s. Her dress was flowing and appeared to be dreamy. You can find a little joy in dressing up like Sandra and Nicole, you can earn lots of compliments too. While there is every opportunity to use these styles in any wardrobe closet.                              

          There is something shiny and new about dressing in the ’90s. You can retrieve this in a few ’90s closet. The 90’s possessed the type of style that wasn’t standard but shown a freer state of mind. It offered looks as you see in 90’s movies like practical magic.

        As for the last scene when all of the little and big witches jump off of the roof of the Victorian house where they lived, their witch costumes were very cutesy, with stripped panty hosiery and Victorian point-toe shoes. They even had their witches hats and an cute umbrella.

        As a viewer, you will definitely root for this witch family and the sole fashion theme of the movie Practical Magic ditched all the harsh grunge dark tones and made the ’60s and 70’s bohemian chic and cool, while also paying homage to the hairstyles of those 60;s and 70’s film goddesses, Brigette Bardot and Ursula Anders. There is an homage to 70’s powerhouse singer, Stevie Nicks, who Hint. Hint supplied a song to the soundtrack! So, practical magic offers fun and sadness but it also offers practical style for lots of inspiration.

’Veronica Felipe